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Embedded System Course near Parade College

Embedded System Course

Embedded systems are all the hype in the corporate workforce of the 21st century and not knowing how to create, operate or maintain them can be a huge disadvantage a modern employee when it comes to placements or seeking jobs. Not to worry though even if you presently do not possess much knowledge of what you likely consider – at this point in time – to be purely technical jargon. That’s because we here at SoftKeyInfoTech have specifically created for people like you our embedded system courses near Parade College which aim to teach you the ins and outs of how to operationalize their use in your day to day work-life and consequently get that job or impress your boss and earn that promotion that you knew all along you deserved.

At this wonderful opportunity which SoftKeyInfoTech offers to all of you dedicated learners, there are four approaches that you can take in order to master the use and creation of embedded systems. That may be through AVR, Arduino, PIC or 8051 microcontroller. Which of these you’d like to learn about, that’s entirely up to you to pick at SoftKeyInfoTech’s Embedded System Course near Parade College. A brief about each is available below. Also, these basics will likely be covered in each of these courses as introductory material.

  • What is an Embedded System?
  • Microprocessor vs Microcontroller
  • The differences between Complex Instruction Set Controller and Reduced Instruction Set Controller

Embedded System using 8051

The 8-bit microcontroller, here known as 8051, was first introduced by Intel back in 1981 – quite a ways back now that we think about it – and has since been referred to as a ‘system on a chip’. Its fast processing power will be manifested powerfully in your embedded system.

Embedded System using Arduino

Arduino is often described as a concept rather than purely a firmware corporation or hardware and software agency. Their firm belief is in designing an open source electronics platform which is based entirely on handy and easy-to-use hardware and software. The creativity then which you can display will easily set your system apart.

Embedded System using AVR

AVR was developed in the year 1996 by Atmel Corporation and the architecture itself was handcrafted by none other than Egil Bogen and Vegard Wollen. The first microcontroller ever was based on such architecture drawn up by these pioneers. And when we say that old is gold, we mean it because you might just find the right base for your ideal system.

Embedded System using PIC

Peripheral Interface Controller or PIC are an invention accredited to the Microchip Technology firm. It’s a Reduced Instruction Set Controller (if you do not know what that is, you’d learn it in the course) and has been specifically designed to deliver impromptu and considerable performance within systems by being given only a small number of instructions. The performance then which this modern device can deliver will truly be an influential and critical step in influencing your boss to grant you that promotion.


Course Duration –2 Months

Course Fees – ₹40,000.0036,000/-

Batch Availability – Weekdays/Weekends

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